Is the payment secure?
The payment is 100% secure on our website. No worries on that side.

What types of payments do you accept?
We mainly accept two types of payments.
Paypal payments, fast and easy.
Payments by credit card, classic and efficient.

My payment was refused.
If your payment is refused, here is what we recommend you do:
-Check that your balance allows you to do so.
-Check your card number.
-Try a payment via Paypal.
-Try using a loved one's card or another card.

It is also possible that it is our fault, in which case it will be enough to try again later.

Shipping and Delivery

How quickly do you ship orders?
We ship orders within 24 to 48 hours after you place the order.

However, during our promotional offers the demand is very high and we can extend this time window up to 72 hours eventually.

Where do you ship your products from?
We have two different distribution centers.

In California, in the city of Los Angeles.
In China, next to the manufacturing plant.
Most of our products are shipped directly from China mainly for financial reasons. This is also the reason why our delivery times are not the best, we apologize in advance for that.

The center of Los Angeles is for the moment the smallest, we stock some products for exchanges if there is a problem, and for our repairs when customers have problems.

What are the delivery times?
Delivery time is 20 to 40 days on average during periods of high demand, such as promotional offers and sales.

Why does the delivery time vary?
There are different factors external to our company that can affect our delivery times:

-Customs, as we told you, our main distribution center is located in China.
-Your location, (Belgium, France or Canada) will not always have the same  delivery time due to obvious reasons of distance.
-The local post office, sometimes the local post office services, slow down the delivery process.
-A general movement like the yellow vests in France is very rare, of course.

How can I track my order?
Simply go to our order tracking page and enter your tracking number received a few days after your order is sent.

I have not received my tracking number, what can I do?
Oops it's probably our fault, sometimes our after-sales service who is responsible for sending tracking numbers can forget to send a few, it rarely happens but there is no such thing as zero risk.

If this happens to you, send us an email at info@hiddenessence-shop.com with your order number and we will settle it within 24 hours.

Return and Hidden Essence's warranty

Satisfied guarantee or refund within 30 days
Indeed, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee after the date of your purchase.

Example: You made a purchase on May 1, the warranty ends on May 30, so you will have until May 30 to try the product and send it back if you don't want it.

(You must return the product to us in perfect condition, in its box with all the elements intact, if the item is damaged we will not be able to accept your return.)

Hidden Essence lifetime warranty
If you have subscribed to our Hidden Essence lifetime warranty at the time of your purchase, then your juicer is covered for all risks, if you lose, damage, break, or have it stolen!

Send us a photo or describe the problem with your order number and purchase invoice to: info@hiddenessence-shop.com

When and how will I be refunded?
You will be refunded in full the price of your order from the moment we have validated your return and received the product.

I have received a damaged item, what can I do?
No problem, send us a picture and describe the problem by email at: info@hiddenessence-shop.com

We will do our best to send you a new product as soon as possible.